Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Another one from the "Damn I love this job" folder.

Let it be known that I love hearing from my customers. So the other day I got this gem in my in-box.


My girlfriend and I are avid readers of your blog and have just done my first full suspension using your rope...a full suspension of a Gideon's Bible.

I was out of town with my girlfriend and a good friend of hers, and we were sitting in the motel room and I started telling the story about you using the Gideon's Bible as a spanking tool. So, we looked around and found the bible in our room and I happened to already have some rope lying out of the bag in which I keep it. As we were talking I began to tie up the bible...then decided that suspending it from the legs of two lovely ladies would be great.

So this here is what 3 girls, 1 bible, and lots of rope came up with :)

Hope this brings a smile-

oh..and this was also the friend's first time being bound...with the ankles and then a chest harness later she is now hooked.

Keep up the good work and thanks so much!

I just love the use of the toes in this one.

Do you love your rope and want to share it? Over the past year we have been collecting stories and photos of customers and want to add a customer gallery to the company site. Perhaps I should add this as a semi regular feature? Reader's rope? Hmm.

there is an idea.