Thursday, June 23, 2005

The fashion police

I feel the need to point something out to my fellow men. Well specifically to my fellow male tops. Guys, we need to talk about what I’ll call “The Uniform”

What is the uniform? If you have ever been to a gathering of more than say 3 kinky people you have probably seen it already. All the guys who identify as a “straight male top” are all dressed the same. Well, but not too, worn blue 501 Levis, black engineer boots and a black t-shirt. Now they may accessorize with a leather vest or maybe some chaps, but in the end they are all wearing the same base outfit. Now I would not be so critical of my fellow men if not for the fact that I too suffer from this exact same wardrobe malfunction.

I have that one pair of jeans, just worn in enough to fir snug but not so worn that they have any faded or bright spots. Black engineer boots, in dire need of a good polishing. And an entire closet full of black, short sleeve kink friendly t-shirts.

Of course picking the right t-shirt for an event is a challenge all of it’s own. Say you are at a convention, now you can’t wear THIS year’s convention t-shirt (be sure to buy one however). No you have to show how cool you are by wearing a shirt from a previous year. Now that shows you are “old school”. Also you can’t wear the same shirt as someone else. Griffin and I made that mistake once. Let me tell you, it if we all did not look like members of the same cult before, we did that night.

I swear, the last party we both attended I actually called him to ask him which shirt he was going to wear!

Of course there has been some gradual progress here. Utilikilts have started to replace the Levis in some places. However the boots and t-shirts seem to have a strangle hold on our collective fashion sense. At least try a different color shirt? I know, I know black is a slimming color (thousands of goth kids can’t be wrong!) but try something bold and go with a white shirt! It’s brave, it’s bold and no it will not lessen your appearance as the “Big Bad Ass Top”. Really, I promise.

Now as for swapping the boots for a pair of red converse hightops…