Thursday, June 16, 2005

I really should be at work right now...

but I'm not.

OK, so I'm probably like the last guy on the entire net who has discovered this bit of flash. Funny and kinda sad too.

Then of course there is this bit of 80's flash back. Amazing what one guy can do.

In all seriousness, one of the cool things about living in Seattle is that films like this will actually be shown in theaters. I'm a recent convert to Giaman, so this could be very cool. Of course I don't think this one will make it to our local art house. If only we still had those seedy drive inn movie theaters on the edge of town. Ahh relics from a bygone era.

And then there is this one, I sorta wish I saw this one instead of the film Lucas unloaded on us.

ok, ok back to work.