Saturday, June 11, 2005

LA bound.

It is Saturday morning and I’m writing you this from what has to be the coolest hotel in the world. Our hosts, JT Stockroom, put us up in an old LA hotel that I swear looks like it came right out of an Indiana Jones movie. With it’s Moroccan theme, the place just oozes with Mediterranean charm. Griffin and I want to sit in the hotel bar dressed in 3 piece suits, fezzes and sunglasses.

The show itself is pretty cool. Lots and LOTS of vanilla porn. I hate to admit it, but after a while the porn booth girls all sort of look the same, Blonde, skinny, and big fake tits. I think this is why we are here actually. The Museum’s space in the show is an island of thought provoking stuff in a sea of fake tans.

You see it in their eyes when they walk by. After being assaulted by non-stop videos of the same thing, cookie cutter girls engaged in vanilla fucking, they seem a bit glazed. Overwhelmed by it all and unable to process. Then the thaw starts, they slow down a bit, furrow their brows and tilt their heads a bit like a dog when they are listening to something.

We did not come here to make money. Well money would be great, but that is not our goal. No we are here to make them do just that, slow down a second and look at kink in a whole new light.

Oh and we also came to tie up as many pretty girls as humanly possible. So far we have had great success at that.

Today is a long one, 12 hours on the show floor doing damn near non-stop rigging and teaching. I can’t say enough good things about our hosts JT Stockroom. They set us up with not only a classroom, but also a suspension frame in the middle of the show space.

As well as some of the sweetest and sexiest bondage babes to tie up.

One last thing, can I just tell you how cool you all are? Last night I had the pleasure of meeting some readers and all I can say is wow, you are all so nice and interesting to talk to.