Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Bird in a cage

So I’m at this party last week end. It’s a kinky birthday bash for one of the owners of Salon De Sade. While being charming and lovely, the ladies of the Salon can also throw one hell of a good party.

Of the many pervy diversions and kinky delights to enjoy at the large home of our host, the one that caught my eye was the petite blonde. Clad in a black negligee (complete with garters), she was locked in a small cell in the middle of the room. The cell measured about 4 foot square and was surrounded by other partygoers, all enjoying her responses as she wriggled and moaned from their tickling, caressing and general torments.

Sitting back with Tambo, we all watched with delight as her tormentors decided to step things up from simple sensation play to some serious torment. Pulling her wrists through the bars, they tried to secure her wrists in leather cuffs. Now the problem with leather cuffs is that they really only fit one size wrist and these must have been made for someone larger than her because her tiny wrists easily slid out of the restraints. Their plans now derailed, her tormentors looked about in befuddlement.

“You know what this scene needs?” I called from the sidelines.
“More cowbell?” Joked Tambo
“Nah, rope. They need rope. Lots of rope”

After some quick negotiation with the victim in the cage I started pulling rope from my bag.

I feel that I should point out that these days I pack a LOT of rope.

I have a lot of suspension experience. Give me a hard point in the ceiling and I can figure out a dozen different ways to dangle someone from it. I also have scads of experience with binding someone to themselves and to a static, fixed object. Now a cage, a cage is new for me. 6 sides of potential hard points and a myriad of places to secure my rope to. Add to that a body inside the cube and you have yourself a delightful, half naked, reeking of sex and perfume 3-D bondage experience. Thing is, you really cant just tell the girl to spread her legs in a most uncomfortable position and then hold still while I tie them down so this other nice girl with the small fists and ice bucket next to me can do something delightfully evil and orgasm producing to your pink parts.

Well on second thought maybe you could, but that would not be nearly as much fun.

First things first. Deal with the feet. I lean in to the cage and explain to her, “Now, dear child, you will do exactly what I say, when I say, or else”
“Ohhh or else what?” She giggles with an impish grin.
“Or else I’ll take this rope, put it back in my bag, and go play with someone else”

That did the trick.
Ankles now bound outside the bars, I see to the rest of her. At first her tormentors looked at me with disappointment. How could they get to her wet bits if her legs were tied together?
“Trust me”, I said with a wink, “I have a merit badge in this.”
Binding her wrists through the bars above her head, I set about securing her flaxen hair to the back wall of the cage. More rope around the chest, I set to tighten each point till she is unable to do more than moan and wriggle from side to side. Now secure it was time to step up the pace and get this show (and her thighs) open for business.

Wrapping lines around her stocking clad thighs, I bind them to the outer bars and begin to apply pressure till when I finally do unbind her ankles, she is more than glad to open her legs and ease the pressure. Quickly grabbing her free ankles, I bind them up to the high far corners of the cage. Now spread wide and flushed, her tormentors eye their desired target with lust. Only one last obstacle in the way… her panties.

Hmm, what to do? I suppose I could untie her, help her shimmy the thin garment off her hips and then re-tie her, but I had a better plan in mind.

Like every good rope top, I always carry a set of safety shears with me when I play. Pulling them from my back pocket, I slip them between the thin elastic strap and her pale thigh. With a snip and a sigh they fall from her hips, exposing her to the room. She gives out a yelp as I yank them from her, can’t let those get lost in the fray now can I?

I lean back and sip my water and enjoy the show, leaving her to her designated tormentors. I’ll check in with her from time to time, make sure the binds are not cutting into her flesh or to adjust her position and eventually to unbind her, but for now she is open and exposed, on display for all to watch and enjoy.