Thursday, October 20, 2005

No, I have not been captured by mole people and imprisoned in their underground lair...

Just wrapped up with work stuff the past few days. A mountain of the mundane, but a pile of things that all require a little of my attention and distract me from what I really like to do. Make rope and write. *sigh* such is the price of success, no? Thankfully I have a great crew who keep things rolling while I'm ass deep in distractions.

That said, Nerdy will kill me if I don't post this to you all first.

We are retiring our shirts! We will be introducing a new style "rope slut" and "Trust me" t-shirt in the next few weeks and we need to get these old ones out of the Abbey. So, the shirts are sale, quantities are VERY limited so get em fast.

So snag these last ones before they are all gone!

K, gotta get back to it. The Mole King only gives us a few minutes online everyday.