Sunday, October 09, 2005

Sick… not in the head

*sigh* I thought that perhaps this year I might avoid it. Thought that maybe now that I had moved the shop indoors and out of the elements that I might not get the crud, but sadly no I too have fallen victim to it. I guess it should not have surprised me. Tambo fell ill earlier this week and like all close, loving couples we share everything. Even our flu bugs.

Now if there is a bright side to being sick at the same time as your partner. When feeling down like this we both want only to hole up, stock the house with comfort food and bad movies and spend a lot of time curled up in our bed under the covers. I gotta admit that I do really love our bed. Like most young, poor couples we started out our lives together sleeping on a hand me down mattress. Then somewhere along the way we were either given or traded something for a full on 70’s swinger waterbed. Yeah we are talking full on, pine body (don’t forget the padded side rails) with a HUGE pine headboard… complete with mirrors.

Eventually we decided that it was high time to join the ranks of adulthood and actually buy a bed. A really big bed. I love this bed, it is tall and firm, but with a down pillow cover that you just sink into. The best part? Hands down has to be the quilts. You see, my grandmother made quilts for as long as I can remember. Thick, hand made patch work covers pieced together from a million bits of fabric. A swath of red flannel here, a bit of my old cub scout uniform there, these thick covers encase you, wrapping you in their warmth and press down upon you… till you are deep in their safe cocoon.

I’ve slept with a quilt for my entire life and now that my grandmother is gone, these are all I have to remember her by. Her legacy to me, if you will.

And so to that warm, safe place I do retire. Till tomorrow when I’m feeling better.