Sunday, October 23, 2005

Some folks just do not like rope.

I know, I know it seems odd, but yes dear readers there are those out there who just do not enjoy the feeling of hemp running across skin. Now while my first reaction would be to wonder if there was not some kind of telethon or maybe one of those wrist bracelets that I could donate to in order to help find these poor souls find a cure for their disorder, I guess that rope is just not for everyone.

Thankfully this was not the case for this week’s Winch Wench. No, quite the opposite really. She knew she liked rope; in fact we first met at one of Max’s workshops, and was looking for some nice rope tops to play with. side note here, I think maybe in addition to the weekly winch wench that I should start featuring local rope tops who are looking to play. I mean I know you are out there, I sell you rope. Perhaps some kind of mixer? When I suggested that she come down to the Abbey and dangle from the great winch, she jumped at the invitation and brought us the most sinfully delicious brownies ever. (there went my caloric intake for the week)

Now when bound in rope, folks respond in a number of ways. Some, from the immediate release of endorphins, begin to giggle and smile. Others become calm and still, focusing on preparing their bodies for the rigors of what might come next. While still others make that most delightful noise. That half moan, half plea… sometimes barely audible yet it resonates with desire for more.

Yeah, she made that noise…

So for those of you who do not like rope, well good luck in finding the kink that works for you. For the rest of you who want to explore and learn more. Max has another one of his excellent rope bondage classes coming up on Sunday, Nov 6. Don’t let the 201 class name fool you, this class is still geared for beginners and advanced beginners. The class, and party afterwards, is a great way to meet others who share your interest in rope and see some of the really good Seattle rope tops in action.