Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I really should be crashed out right now, trying to recover from this crud that has descended upon my body… but I’m not. Instead I’m writing this.

So, lets talk about a subject I know a lot about, stress. Now folks deal with stress in a lot of different ways. On the Saturday before the big Folsom show we all were dealing with the stress in different ways. Me? When I’m faced with pre-show stress, I tend to take the tried and true, “drink lots of coffee and furrow my brow” approach. I find it best to focus my worry into a tight ball in my stomach until it is a red hot bundle of panic, then unleash it in a sudden burst of outlandish behavior (usually involving nudity and astro turf). However this does not work for everyone, as seen in this video clip taken at a 50’s theme diner where we were all having breakfast together that morning. (22 seconds, WMV, work safe)

Ya know, some days it is really hard to project the air of the “Big Bad Rope Maker” when hanging out with the citizens of the Abbey. Then again, this is probably a good thing. Keeps me humble and far way from ever christening myself with some lame and over blown title like “Bondage Lord Monk” or “Master Monk, Lord of the Twine”