Friday, October 14, 2005

The Tale of Lil’ Red Riding Hood.

When she answered my call for a winch wench I’m not sure what she was expecting.
“Any previous experience with suspension bondage?” I asked.
“None.”, was her response.
“Rope bondage in general?”
“Nope, none.”
“giggle… well….”

When asked why she wanted to put herself in to my ropes? “Dying to experience the big bad wolf first hand” She giggled.

She showed up on the night we all work late, the Abbey was filled with the usual suspects. Galahad and Kitten were about to serve dinner when she came calling. Now a good winch wench is expected to bring a treat, a bribe if you will, to share with us in exchange for the getting be suspended from the massive winch we have here in the Abbey. Some have brought simple treats like fresh fruits from the farmer’s market on a hot summer day while others have graced us with complete meals. We have also consumed a near criminal amount of chocolate chip cookies as well.

I have to warn all future winch wenches, she just set the new high water mark. Fresh bread. Not one loaf mind you, but THREE, fresh from the oven and still warm. Add butter and organic honey and you have what we like to call “a culinary orgasm”. Oh and she even brought us dessert too.

Now we had the makings of a fine evening’s entertainment. A scrumptious food, a gathering of friends and a tasty morsel of a girl eyeing the rope with a mix of excitement of nervousness. Only problem, she was so damn sweet and charming. Once up and secure in a comfortable side suspension, everyone wanted to poke and prod and tickle her giggling form.

I try to be gentle, well as gentle as one can be, with first timers. Wide ropes, lots of passes across the body and a comfortable position should all make for a memorable, if not hammock like, suspension. She was hooked and wanted more, she kept saying, "I can take more if you got it". I think but the time I had her hanging by just her chest harness, toes but a hair’s breath from the ground, did she get a taste of how strenuous it could be.

When we finally took her down, we were all rewarded with a huge grin and, “Let’s do that again!”

“Sure, next time I’ll hang you upside down”

Everyone agreed that she needs to come back again… and bring more fresh bread.

This morning I got an e-mail that read “On closer inspection, the big bad wolf isn't so bad after all.”

To which I respond, oh child you have no idea….