Tuesday, November 15, 2005

About that party,
Just got the ok to share a few more shot from the party.
Rose and I doing some pre-inversion negotiation , “What do you mean by, ‘Are you afraid of clowns’?!” (Not Work Safe)
Get her in the air…make a few quick tweaks... (not work safe)
And flip! (Not work safe at all)

Now remember kids, don't try this at home with out getting proper training. When I did this, I had SEVERAL spotters on hand just in case something went wrong.

Now Rose had her very own “designated spank recipient”, a charming girl by the name of audiblecell. Seems she needed some rope in order to properly “present” her bottom for said spankings. Yeah, that would be my boot holding her in place.

All in all a great night. An inverted suspension, a reverse hogtie and later a take down scene that bordered on surreal (Just try and imagine what Mickey Mouse might sound like doing a heavy D/s scene). Top it off, I got to sneak in a late night snuggle with Dancer too. Not bad at all.

Happy Birthday again Rose and M!

update, I just got an offer for a boot-licking scene. W00t! Best get my boots to Mouse soon