Thursday, November 10, 2005

Double Booked and Double-Parked

Not much time to talk today, way too much on my plate and it is just getting worse as we get closer and closer to X-Mas. Another toy store just called in a huge order that they want on their shelves before the “official” shopping rush starts on the 25th. In addition next month we have 3, count em THREE events to sell at in one weekend. It will be the very first time we have ever attempted to divide the company up and tackle all three at once. Mondo scary there.

Top it off; I’m busting my brain trying to figure out a cool suspension scene for a certain birthday girl who asked to be tied up as her birthday present. Sure, I’m thrilled to do it, hell honored even. But damn, this is a gal who regularly bottoms to the riggers I look up to. No pressure, really, I’m cool as a cucumber.

Ok, so in the mean time I have a question for you all. Wax Play. Do you like it? Where do you get your supplies? What kind of candles do you use? How much do you normally pay for your candles?

Time now to crank up the Finnish Folk Metal CD I just scored and kick it out, who knew that the Fins could rock so hard?