Monday, November 28, 2005

Everybody keeps telling me that I need to take a day off.

Well yesterday I was forced to. Just as I’m on the tail end of “the most tenacious cold ever” what happens? Oh how about a nice bout of food poisoning. So yesterday I spent the entire day in bed...from 4 am Sunday morning till 7am Monday. I wish I could report that it was a rousing day in bed and that I corrupted a few nubile members of the local cheerleading academy, or something interesting like that. Nope, sad to say that was not the case. At least those tired looking bags under my eyes are about gone.

Thanks Tambo for keeping me hydrated and comfortable.

OK, so now I’m feeling much better. Hey, I can even eat again! Time to kick it out and get ready for these THREE shows this coming weekend.