Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Last Day

Today is the final push to get everything done for the 3 shows we are doing this weekend. We have a full crew in today so I really don’t have much extra tine to write something witty and insightful. So instead why don’t I distract you with this great music video I found? A rousing little anthem of personal freedom called “Keep Your Jesus Off My Penis and I’ll Keep My Penis Off of You!”

Now if you are in Seattle and looking for something to do, Tambo and Nerdy will be vending at Cirque Du Noc on Saturday and Max’s upcoming class on "High Security Rope Bondage” (a class I’m really sorry that I’ll miss actually. I’d like to say that as a top I’m interested in perfecting my skills, but truth be told I have had a couple scenes with some escape artists that did not end like I had expected)

So come by, say hi and check out the new goodies we have for sale. Perfect for the pervert on your shopping list.