Thursday, November 17, 2005

Recovering slowly.

It’s really funny. As soon as you admit that you are getting sick, everyone has a remedy. Take this drug or that herb and you are supposed to bounce back. The truth is, at least for me, that these things just take time. Sure you can lessen the impact of the illness, but in the end it’s 5 days of feeling less than stellar. So two down, 3 to go.

Now Tambo has been after me for sometime to do a podcast, you know an audio version of the blog. For some odd, freakish reason she seems to think you might enjoy hearing me talk. This will have to happen AFTER I get better, because right now I sound a bit like Foghorn Leghorn (after he was hit in the larynx with a bat)… but I digress. One of the ideas we have is to feature our list of “Bad Topping Personas”. Between Galahad, Griffin and myself we have some very, very disturbing characters that we can slip into. Trust me, you really do not want any of these to come out when you are unable to flee.

One of our favorites is Galahad’s “Otto the Meat Top”, I won’t spoil it for you, but this is the video where he claims to have gotten his inspiration. Enjoy this truly awful Eurotrash disco hit, “You touch my tra-la-lamostly work safe, save a wee bit of man ass, some faux lesbian kissing, frightening disco moves and a really terrible mustache.
Oh and don’t give up on it. Wait till the VERY END for the pay off. Trust me.