Sunday, December 25, 2005

Do They Know it’s Christmas Time at all?

Yesterday while preparing dinner for our little leather family, Tambo and I amused ourselves by trying to name all the places we have spent the holiday. Now, after nearly 20 years together and being very non-traditional when it comes to this event, we pretty much broke poor Nerdy’s brain with our list.

So here, in no particular order and by no means complete, is a list of places we have spent Christmas:

  • At home, shades drawn and stoned out of our minds.
  • At the North Pole… North Pole, Alaska that is.
  • Inside a Microsoft Data Center.
  • Apart, separated by 2 time zones.
  • Sipping Jagermiester shots from a snow bank and contemplating the logistics of peeing off a deck at 40 below zero.
  • Spending the day with a house full of swingers...and not taking our clothes off.
  • Sitting in a Denny’s downtown watching the ebb and flow of humanity with nowhere to go.
  • In bed, naked with a charming girl, pausing from our activities only long enough to listen to the radio play of “It’s a Wonderful Life”
  • Smiling back tears knowing that this will probably be the last Christmas with a beloved grandparent.
  • Having Tambo’s father tell the entire family over Christmas dinner that he was abducted by aliens and given an alien implant.

However you choose to celebrate this day, here is to making it a memorable one. Cheers and good luck.

Tomorrow, the guest blog posts begin!