Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I, I can’t believe it but I think the Christmas rush is finished. Aside from a lovely batch of violet to send out today to a sweet gal I know (thanks again for the AMAZING chocolates), we are done. Now I’m sure that there will be one or two last minute shoppers calling me this week in a panic. (Not to worry guys I still have some stock left over just give us a call and we can hook you up) I gotta declare that the Holiday Death March of 2005 is done!

Now I must confess that I’m honestly having a wee bit of trouble wrapping my head around it. Not only has this been the most stunningly successful month ever in the history of our little company, but we are done ahead of schedule and I’m not pulling my hair out with stress.


So for the rest of the week I’m finishing a couple custom dye jobs, working on securing a few cool goodies to debut in the new year and generally getting ready to enjoy the holiday with those I hold dear.

And then I’m taking all next week off.

That’s right, the whole damn week. We are even going as far as to shut the entire company down for that week so Nerdy and Griffin can also enjoy some much needed (and well earned) R&R too. That’s right, no rope for me for a whole week. Ok, I might tie someone up that week but no actual rope making. In addition to taking the week off from work, I’m going to take a week off from this blog as well.

Fear not dear readers, I have something good for you.

If you recall last year, when I took the first week of January off, I invited a number of folks to post as “guest bloggers”. Friends, lovers and fans each one shared their unique take on the whole “Monk” thing. This year, rather than just having folks write about me. Not that I don’t like that mind you, no this year we are going to try for a central theme for all the posts. Now since this year has been one of radical, if not staggering at times, change for us all I chose this as the topic. How has this year in your life with Monk (the company, the blog, the person, etc) changed?

I have some great guests lined up for your reading pleasure so stay tuned for that next week.