Thursday, December 29, 2005

Monk's Week Off Blog Project, Day 4

What would be a week off with out a guest post from Galahad. His post last year was one of your favorites, mine too.

Over the last year, the Abbey has evolved. Now I'm sure some out there may disagree because after all, evolution is only a theory. It is possible that the Abbey sprung into being, exactly as it is today, and all evidence to its existence prior to today was merely created to deceive us…to make us believe that it had developed from humble beginnings in Monk's garage. Doubt me? You may be struck down by his Noodliness. Afterall, wikipedia tells only truth. Evolution is a lie and therefore the Abbey was born, not built.

But let's just pretent that we can trust our senses and our memories. What would they tell us? They would tell us that the company has increased its productivity a hundred fold from the days we spent shivering in the garage. The days when we were thrilled to ship out thirty feet of rope a day. Nerdygirl, while she would be out a job, wishes she was here for those days. It would mean that she could sleep. Something she rarely does anymore. Our memories would also remember a time when we could spend time with Monk and Tambo outside of the Abbey without first booking said time a month in advance. We would remember a time when Monk still had a subscription to Netflix (He doesn't have the time to make it remotely worthwhile anymore). We would remember a time when meals for our little family were cooked on a stove rather than over roaring jet engines.

The above is melancholy for me, and it's meant to be so. There are things I truly miss about the days before our proprietary rope manufacturing machines…before we could easily stock a full day at Folsom and before we could even consider two East coast shows in the same day. But on the other side of the coin is this. Before the changes, we wouldn't be talking about road tripping across the country a second time. We wouldn't be talking about doing not one, but two, San Francisco shows in the same year. We wouldn't have ensnared a lovely young lady from Wyoming here in Seattle…and we wouldn't have nearly as many wonderful surprises every day. Heck, Kitten and I wouldn't even have our new apartment…we have Griffin to thank for
that, and Griffin too is part of the Abbey's evolution.

I don't get to play Avril Lavigne at full blast at midnight on Sunday in Monk's living room anymore. But I do get random panicked calls from him asking me to cater part of the most prestigious fetish New Year's event in Seattle on a day's notice, which is almost as cool. And you know what…I love doing stuff like that! Do I enjoy where we've gone on this crazy train ride? You bet I do. Sure some things get left behind, but new things are around the corner. That's what going on a journey is about.