Friday, December 16, 2005

More thoughts on Christmas gifts

So we they have started to arrive at the Abbey, boxes bearing goodies from all over the world. Notes, cards and yes goodies from our amazing customers. Sometimes they are simple things, a hand written note of thanks. Sometimes they are complex affairs, a box of homemade goodies wrapped shibari style. Now to be honest, I’d be tickled pink if you just kept buying rope from me, but if you insist on buying rope AND sending me goodies. Well what is a boy to do but blush and say thank you?

Thank you all; you guys are just the best ever.

One such package contained some interesting chocolate treats.
Upon inspecting them, Nerdy expressed her concern. “Smoked sea salt and chocolate? Why that, that is just wrong! Sacrilege I tell you.”
No sooner had she popped the small dark milk chocolate gem into he mouth when her expression of worry was replaced with a look of bliss.
“How are they?” I ask.

Then there was the matter of the white elephant gift exchange we did. You know, when you get a group of friends together and they all swap gag gifts, silly, cheap items that are good for a laugh and not much more? Well when it is the crowd who normally inhabit the Abbey, well you know that the gifts are going to be on the strange AND naughty side…and yes they were. I got one of these. Silly no?

Now most folks, upon getting a crass and impractical gift, would have a good laugh and then promptly stash the offending item deep in a closet till such a time as they can recycle the item by gifting it on to someone else. However, I’m not most people. I can think of several charming girls (and a boy or two) who would rather enjoy being tied into a ball and made into a human goal post.