Monday, January 30, 2006

I’ve been on my feet for something approaching 20 hours, but the moves are done. Nerdy and Dancer are both moved and getting settled. In addition to all the lugging and hauling I also managed to spend an inordinate amount of time in the shop fretting over next month’s color of the month. While I put a lot of time into getting all the colors perfect, this month's color has become a bit of an obsession. This one needs to be just right. I think I have done something like 10+ test dye runs and 3 separate, full scale dye runs have been done this weekend alone.

As of 11:40 on Sunday night, my final attempt looks like it might be the one. All the telltale signs are there, but I won’t know for a fact till tomorrow when it is completely dry. See, rope gets lighter as it dries and that color you thought you had nailed? Well it could easily fade into something all together different. I guess you will have to stay tuned till the 1st of February when I announce the color to know for sure.

With that I must retire, but first a finger of some fine Irish whiskey (a gift from my buddy GrayDancer, thanks again hermano). Yeah I know this will cost me an extra 20 minutes on the treadmill tomorrow, but after this weekend I think I earned it.

So while I sweat my ass off to the sounds of old Judas Priest, check out this cool video of naked taiko drummers. (Note to self, remember to book the tickets to Tokyo soon!)