Monday, January 02, 2006

Overheard at Matisse’s New Years Party

Party Guest: “Um, what is Monk wearing on his head?”
Mistress Matisse: “A fez”
Party Guest: slight pause “why is he wearing a fez?”
MM: “Its a thing he does”
Party Guest: ”Ok, but that does not explain why he has a doughnut tied to his wife?”
MM: “I’m afraid to ask.”

Truth be told, I did happen to be wearing my +1 fez of world domination while playing with my wife on New Years. See, a certain party guest wanted to ditch the whole “fetish wear look” for the evening and wear a ball gown and tiara for the evening. Now as a show of support, I offered to wear the fez if she wore the tiara. Sadly she chickened out, but not I. Oh no dear readers, not I. Upon donning the fez, my dear Tambo asked. “So… are you a good Shriner or an angry Shriner tonight?”
“Oh I’m good, very good tonight”

Now I am fairly certain that I do not have a fetish for silly hats (unlike what many of you are thinking right now), I do however enjoy wearing my fez when I play sometimes. Dress is like any other element of play. The costume you wear changes the tone of the act. Women seem to understand this fact better than men. From the stern looking dominatrix in her PVC cat suit to the little girl dressed in her pigtails and bows. What you wear is as much a part of the event as what tools you choose to use.

This was New Years and I wanted Tambo to laugh and scream. The fez, for me, sets a tone, a silly and sometimes surreal one to be exact. As for how Tambo ended up hanging sideways in rope with a fresh Krispy Kreme doughnut hanging off the extended middle finger that she was using to flip me off?

Well that, dear readers, is a tale for another day.