Tuesday, January 24, 2006

So I’m sitting here in a Starbucks doing that classic “Guy hunched over his laptop earnestly writing while sipping his overpriced coffee” thing. I could be sitting in your favorite one right now; look around I’m the one with the bloodshot eyes and hemp dust on his shirt. Across from me a group of sports types are having a bible study. Beefy men with thick necks sit uncomfortably in their men’s warehouse suits and talk Jesus together while I sit here and type about non-monogamy.

Funny thing that non-monogamous life, of all the aspects of my chosen lifestyle; the rope company, the kink, and all those silly hats its the poly thing that raises most folks eyes. Tell them that I make bondage rope for a living and they respond with awe that there are, in fact, that many perverts out there who buy rope. Mention that for fun I like to tie up naked girls (and a few select boys) and they respond with blushes and giggles. Tell them that I’m madly in love with two of the coolest women on earth and folks get edgy, downright defensive even.

As if my having two partners somehow is a personal threat, like if word of this gets out the world will be taken over by Nazis on dinosaurs.

Sadly, I’m all too familiar with this sort of response. One of the elements of my chosen lifestyle is to unapologetically open about it. This is who I am, deal with it or move aside. Not everyone likes this, specifically members of my biological family. I’ve always been a bit “different” but they all seemed to manage better when they did not have to read about it here. Let me tell you, knowing that your parents are reading about you sex life tends to put a damper on just what you choose to write.

This is not a plea for pity, rather an apology to all of you. See, I have been pulling my punches as of late. Opting to write about the mundane rather than what I would like to out of worry that my words would be taken out of context. No more. When pressed to choose between what I hold as truth and the desires of those who would rather I slink back into a darkened, shame filled closet. I choose my morals.

And with that, dear readers, let us return to talking about topics like sex, blood, food and the joys of living the life less ordinary.

Additionally, let this serve as food for thought. No one is truly invisible on-line. No journal is truly anonymous. One day you will be held accountable for your words. The question is how will you respond? With burning shame or defiant pride?

The bible study is breaking up. Men bow their heads in a closing prayer and begin to pack up their bibles. The nearest one catches my eye and I give him a smile and nod, nothing more. While I may not agree with his lifestyle choice, I have to respect them for what they are. His.

now I must close this for today and shuttle my dearest Tambo off to her office. I have a full day ahead of me followed by a date with Dancer. Stellars pizza and nudity, my favorite way to spend a Tuesday night