Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Why of the Winch

V wrote me after watching the sausage fest video to ask:
Why do you enjoy suspending women from your equipment - is it all for the love of rope? I understand what personal fun/satisfaction I might get from coming over. What keeps you guys inviting over the wenches - Scooby snacks?

Why winch?

Does one really need a reason why they enjoy tying up nice girls (and boys) who bring them treats?

Well if you must ask, I'd say first and foremost I really enjoy sharing the bondage experience with new people. Most of our winch wenches are folks who have never tried this sort of thing, but have always wanted to. They might not be the kind who would go to a place like the wetspot or seek out a partner who had this specific skill set. However they are curious and I'm happy to share my skill with them in a safe environment. Hopefully make it an experience that they will want to seek out again (with me, their partner or someone in the rope scene).

Secondly, with every new wench comes a new challenge, a new body type, and a new set of physical limits / expectations / challenges. I enjoy that mental (and physical) challenge. , Practice makes perfect. Besides, I enjoy tying girls up. It makes me happy, plain and simple.

Lastly I think it is a really fun way to meet my readers and say thank you to them.