Monday, February 20, 2006

The Bunny Suit

Midori has been trying to get me into a bunny suit for over a year now. Actually she wants both me and her partner Kelly to don them for some kind of fund raiser event. This all came about when we were sharing a shuttle to the airport after a particularly exhausting weekend at Thunder in the Mountains in Denver last year. Punch drunk from too many late nights and long days we were all a wee bit silly. I think it was sometime after I did my impersonation of Midori, “Remember, cinch with GUSTO!” ,that the bunny suit idea was born.

Of course the mechanics of planning a time when we can get all three of us in the same city at the same time AND have bunny suits on hand has proven a bit of a challenge, however the idea is still there. The latest iteration involved me donning said bunny suit and being the only male attendee at her annual women’s only event Bang for the Buck. Oh and did I mention that I could only attend said event if I was to keep the suit on the ENTIRE time and that my penis was to be firmly duck taped to the side of my leg? Yeah… good thing that Body Bound was also happening the same weekend and I would be unable to attend (or get my wedding tackle taped down).

Midori gives a lot back to charity and I really respect her for that. Her bang for the buck parties are the stuff of legend and yes, yes I did actually contemplate getting taped down just to see one first hand.

Instead of the bunny suit I offered to donate 15% of all my sales from this weekend’s Body Bound Educational Weekend to her favorite charity, The AIDS LifeCycle. Thanks to all of our wonderful customers who came out and bought rope, this was a very financially successful weekend. Not only will we keep the lights and water on at the Abbey for another month (and keep Nerdy, Griffin and K off the streets and a lifes of crime) we also are proud to be sending a rather large check to the ALC in Midori’s name.

Thank you all so very much. I say it time and time again. TwistedMonk.Com customers are the best, friendliest, and most wonderful bunch of folks on Earth. I’m humbled to have met so many of you this weekend. Thank you again.

Of course after a long weekend of being on my feet selling and talking I’m speechless (literally folks, lost my damn voice) and sick with ANOTHER cold. So pardon me while I tuck into my bed with my copy of American Gods and try to catch up on some much needed rest. And have no fear, there will be a bunny suit event in my future. Just a matter of time, next year’s Folsom perhaps?