Sunday, February 12, 2006

Damn laptop...

My laptop, the one primary tool I carry EVERYWHERE just bit the dust. Hardware failure. Fortunately I make frequent backups and have a very good service plan on the beastie. So pardon me while I dust off my back-up laptop, shuffle this one off to the service center and keep prepping for BodyBound next weekend.

Oh in other news, Dancer and I bought a bed together! Wow. A major purchase of furniture with a secondary partner, never done that one before. The best part? The best part is that the entire thing was amazingly drama free. From the loving support of our partners to the actually purchasing of said bed.

Of course we did get some odd looks at the store when we were "testing" the beds out. Now most folks just lay back and see how the firmness feels. Us? Oh we were bouncing and shaking and generally looking at the fabric asking ourselves things like, "So can we get this scotchguarded?"