Thursday, February 02, 2006

My wife, the sexiest dork of all

This morning, while Tambo and I stumbled about our morning ritual in a pre-caffeine haze, I paused to admire the marks on her breasts. Well truth be told, I used the inspection of said marks as an excuse to fondle the fine, firm shape of her body. The marks were from last Saturday night, a delightfully devious evening involving needles, pallet wrap, a wicked little electrical device and a strategically placed Krispy Kreme doughnut. Stroking the fading marks, a network of tiny needle bruises arcing across the gentle slope from collarbone to nipple, I commented that I was looking forward to the Bondage is the Point party this coming Sunday and to the opportunity to play again.

We have a standing play date for these parties and I always like to surprise Tambo with something fun. Having just acquired some lovely black bamboo I was contemplating the best means of incorporating them into the scene.
“I’m thinking that I want to do something with sticks next time”, I commented.

Tambo paused and fixed me her most earnest stare, “Oh, were you thinking about their early power ballad stuff or their later failed attempt at new wave?”


“You know, Styx.”
Blink, blink, blink
And then, gentle reader I kid you not, she began to belt out in her best mullet fueled falsetto

And they wonder why I love her so?

*for those of you born after the decade of the arena rock power ballads known as the 1970’s the song is from the band Styx, “Lady” . Go look them up on i-tunes under heading "70's wuss rock"