Tuesday, February 21, 2006

New Names
I failed to mention that we decided to NOT name our newest Abbey citizen “The Bacon Princess”. Everyone seemed to like the title, save the one who would be bearing it. We even went as far as to take a vote on it and the name was unanimously approved 4 to1 (hey, democracy works), still our dear K was still not thrilled by the new name. Some folks are never happy I guess.

We were at an impasse. See, none of the other names we had come up with really fit (you have NO idea how hard it is to come up with good blog pseudonyms) that is until she took her first solo sift on one of our processing machines. Armed with blowtorches and decked out in all her protective gear she did not look like “The Bacon Princess” type at all. No, more like a kinky “Rosie the Riveter” or as we like to now call her, “Blowtorch Betty”

Note: we are also looking for some folks who can do piece rate work for us. This job is off site, set your own hours, and really flexible. Great for stay at home types or folks who want to make a couple extra bucks in the evenings. Craft types (needle point, knitting, and sewing) would be perfect for this task. The job is local to Seattle, interested parties should contact me via the e-mail address on the blog.