Thursday, February 09, 2006

Not forgotten, just really buried this week.

So a few minor updates on things you might find of interest.
The Jane’s Guide column will launch NEXT week.
The official title of the column shall be, “Trust Me, I Have a m\Merit Badge in This”
Remember that post where I said we needed to make 10250 ft of rope in 4 weeks? We did that in less than 3 weeks… and we are still behind.
This week I hired my 3rd employee to help tame the madness; we have nicknamed her “The Bacon Princess”
We will soon be carrying instructional bondage books for sale.
We have a major league cool in the works with Shibaricon this year. A big announcement is just days away.
Tambo got her first taste of a tens unit… and loved it. (More on that one later)
Tomorrow night Dancer and I are going to purchase a bed together.
This marks the first “major” purchase I have ever made with a secondary partner.
Tambo laughs and thinks that it is all to sweet for words
I’m, I’m remarkably unfreaked by the idea. Rather looking forward to it really.

k, must dash now. My personal sadist is going to kick my ass for an hour ten I need to run off those 2 extra slices of pizza from last night. After that I need to get in 3 dye runs, write a press release, get my next column off to the editor, do something evil to Tambo and maybe, just maybe sleep... damn, I'm late!