Friday, February 17, 2006

Off to Portland!

A new cold snap has hit the area and the temperature has plummeted. Even with our new heaters running at full tilt the Abbey feels like a walk in cooler. Thankfully we are headed south to Portland. Hopefully they are enjoying even a wee bit warmer days than we are. The car is literally stuffed to the roof with rope for this weekend’s Body Bound Conference. Nerdy just gave me the final tally, 5500 ft and change. Damn, that is a lot of rope.

If you were lucky enough to get tickets for the event, please come by say hi and fondle the rope. Part of what makes these events worthwhile is meeting and chatting with readers and customers. (oh and if you really want to make points, a single Americano, one sugar and one cream would be most welcome)

Now if you did not get tickets, sorry to tell you but the event is all sold out. I think they have some tickets left for the play party Saturday night, but those are almost gone as well.

And finally, my first column for JanesGuide.Com goes live today. Enjoy.