Friday, February 24, 2006

So my latest column for JanesGuide.Com is up. You can read it here. I really should get my graphics guy to make me a sidebar thingie for that

In other news, last night marked the first night Dancer and I spent together in the new bed we bought together. There is a much longer tale to tell here, but suffice to say the new bed was christened quite thoroughly, thank you.

Lastly a request from my dear friends at SEAF:
Seattle Erotic Art Festival Seeks Volunteers
This is your opportunity to promote freedom of sexuality, speech and creativity (and to get into the festival for free). Volunteers are needed to assist with promotion, construction, set-up/decor, staffing (ushers, cashiers, ticket-takers, coat check, runners, etc.) and clean-up. Excellent cruising potential for all genders and sexual proclivities. Crew food available to those who put in a full day during installation/clean-up. Shifts start today; installation March 17-23, Festival March 24-26, clean-up March 27. Please contact Tickets on sale now at