Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A lot of thoughts race though one’s brain when they have a bound and gagged girl in the back seat of their car.
“Her breathing is steady and normal, good”
“If she needs to give me her ‘let me out now’ signal, I have my EMT shears in my pocket”
“Of fuck, I have a headlight out. How am I going to explain this to a cop?!”

As abduction scenes go, this one went pretty well. Her partner contacted me almost 2 months ago with a request. They were coming to Seattle for spring break and she wanted to surprise her girlfriend with something memorable. Don’t you just love partners who conspire against you? Some plan surprise birthday parties; we planned a surprise abduction scene.

Simple plans make the best plans, so this one was going to go down something like this. She thought that they were going to come down to the Abbey for a visit, bring us some treats and get hung from the great winch. What she did not know was that after Griffin and I tied and tormented her till she was all but breathless from giggles, her partner was to step out and then the things were to get a bit more… interesting.

She did not see Griffin pull the roll of bandage tape from his pocket as I unbound her from the suspension rigging. As I pulled the last lines from her torso, her sigh of relief was quickly replaced with a look of wide-eyed terror as hands firmly placed tape across her mouth. Holding her fast, on hand on her mouth and one on the small of her neck, Griffin asks in his most menacing tone, “Ok, so when do we have to return her”
“8Am tomorrow, her safe word is “farm” and if she is gagged then she will snap her fingers,” I bark back and I roughly cinch her blindfold down.

She’s a small girl, a tiny thing really. The plan was to stuff her into one of the giant duffel bags we use for transporting rope to shows and lug said bag out to my jeep. Pulling the bag over her feet and doing our best to manhandle the girl with out actually permanently injuring her we discover the first problem with the plan. Even scrunched down, the bag only comes up to her chest. Thinking fast I grab the tarp we had just laid down and wrapped her from the neck down in the tarp and then tape it around her body. Now immobilized we needed to get our bundle of moaning girl out to the car and off to Dancer’s place for the second half of the scene. Next problem, the usually deserted loading dock that we were going to carry her out though was now populated. New building tenants who would probably not appreciate the sight of two grown men lugging a roughly girl shaped package out of their shop.

Walking past her partner, who has been listening to the entire scene from around the corner and will spend the remainder of the scene nearby watching, I hand her the box of cupcakes they brought and whisper, “See those guys, distract them!” She does her best to have them all be looking away from the doors as Griffin and I quickly spirit the bundle, now draped in a blanket, behind them and into the back of my rig.

Now secure in the backseat, I hop in and pull my phone. Calling Dancer’s home I bark in my best topping voice, “I have the package and am enroute, by ready.”

Dancer talks about what was like to have a girl delivered to her door here.