Friday, March 10, 2006

Not sure about the rest of you…
But damn am I glad this week is done! First and foremost, yes my new column is done and up at JanesGuide.Com

Podcaster extraordinaire, Minx, has a spread on eroszine. Now having spent time naked with her in a motel, I’d like to go on record here and say that yes, she is just as charming, sexy and delightful as they say she is. Ok so said motel room was one that her, her partner Gray and I all split in Austin together, but there was much nudity to be had. Oh and she makes great cookies too.

In other news, we are ramping up for KinkFest and doing a damn fine job of it. Thanks to the tireless efforts of the Abbey crew we are now filling orders faster than ever before. Our “standard” 15 day wait time for orders has fallen to less than 5 and in many cases we are filling and shipping orders the same day. So if you have been waiting for a good time to buy some rope, now would be a great time to place that order.