Monday, April 10, 2006

April's Color of the Month

It would be impossible to stock all the unique colors that folks ask for on a regular basis. So instead we now offer a new and unique color every month.

The Unstoppable Miz Violet Blue

This month’s color is in honor of the one and only Ms Violet Blue; author, activist, sex educator, podcaster, blog star, and possibly one of the sexiest women on-line. The color, much like the rope’s namesake, is a vibrant and complex mix. A deep violet with subtle shades of purple and blue mixed in make this a striking rope that looks almost iridescent when photographed. salutes this asset to the sex positive movement and wishes her many more years of success.

Enjoy her work at:
open + source + sex

This is a limited, one time color run. Once the color has been sold out, it is sold out for good.