Thursday, April 06, 2006

German “Bavarian Blonde” 4 Strand

We are beside ourselves with delight to offer you this ultra premium rope. Made in Germany, this is the first and only hemp rope we have found that is made of 4 strands (most twisted hemp consists of just 3). Each strand is a tightly woven golden blonde color and incredibly soft to the touch. The rope feels almost silky in your hands and smells faintly of fresh cut straw on a summer’s day. This, this is some amazing rope. The weave is the tightest; most consistent we have ever seen. After going through our extensive conditioning process the rope feels butter soft and great against skin, we had to all but pry it off of our test subjects and its smooth feel offers little rope on rope friction while still retaining the great knot holding properties of hemp. This rope is available in its natural honey brown color and could be dyed custom upon special request.

TwistedMonk.Com is proud to be the only source on the western hemisphere to offer this unique finished hemp rope.

Special thanks must be given to our friend Gudy in Berlin for being our man on the ground and really going the extra mile to help make this happen.