Friday, April 28, 2006

Update from the top-secret labs of TwistedMonk.Com

Now is it just me or am I like the last guy on earth to discover The Arcade Fire? Its Friday morning here at the Abbey, the sun I shinning, the ride in today was beautiful, music reverberates off the walls and we have ourselves a jam packed day of things to do today. Time to make tons of rope, ship rope off to our lovley customers, then dangle a reader who flew all the way from Wisconsin (and boy are her ams tired!), re-connect with friends, score some Stellars and then dash off and into the arms of a beautiful woman for an evening that will certanly leave bruises.

God, I love this job.

So besides from making vast amounts of rope for the upcoming Shibaricon show, what other delights am I cooking up here at the Abbey? As you can see from the photo, yes I can make multi stranded custom rope. This is a prototype for a hand fasting cord I was commissioned to make. Let me warn you now, this sort of thing will not be cheap. In fact, if you have to ask how much the will cost you per foot… then you really can’t afford it.

In other news, I have some awesome surprises in store for the folks at Shibaricon, a number of new ropes that will be offered exclusively at the show. The first is a new addition to our already popular “Exotics” line. The other is a radical new color unlike anything ever offered in hemp before. We have code-named this new product, “Project Blackbird”.

And then there is the matter of next month’s Color of the Month. I’m not saying anything yet save that Mrs. Wookie is getting a whole mess of “The Lavender Menace” when we make it in June, just in time for Gay Pride. Next month's color? Oh well you will just have to wait for that, my pretties.

Ok, time now to swap out this dye bath and shift musical gears. Next up? The new Goldfrapp (Dancer, you are gonna love this disc).