Friday, April 21, 2006

Yet more from the vaults

My entire life changed after I wrote this post.

Originally posted Wednesday June 9, 2004

So, I find myself in an odd predicament today. While reading a friend’s blog, let’s call her Dancer, I made an interesting discovery. She intimated that she has a crush on someone. Now I think I know who that someone is… I think that someone could be me.

Upon reading her entry I re-ran the last face to face conversation we had. It was last Sunday, a nice one where she and her primary, let’s call him Sir, and T and I talked about everything from the ins and outs of managing poly relationships to the unholy trinity that is Kink-Science Fiction-Renascence Fares.

In hindsight there were tell tale clues. She was very glad to talk to us. So much so that she all but ignored others who were vying for her attention. We talked about New Horizons and Sir mentioned that they should go there again soon. That and Sir was, well he was really friendly to me. In fact on the drive home I confessed to T that I thought maybe HE was flirting with me.

I even have a half finished blog about how flattered that as a straight male this was the first time I was really flattered by a guy flirting with me. Oy can I be SUCH a dullard some days!

So this is the sticky bit. This is no ordinary gal. She and her partner are two of the coolest people I know. We have just started to get to know them and are enjoying the hell out of it. Professionally they are fantastic allies to have as I grow the business. That and she is probably one of the hottest women on the west coast. All I can say is damn. If this is true then I surely must have done something right in a past life!

Then again, what if I’m misreading the clues? I could be making a terrible, horrible fool of myself right now. It totally could be someone else and I run the risk of offending them if I am too forward. Who am I kidding? It has to be someone else?

What I really need now is one of those notes you sent in Jr. High. You remember the ones where you would write something like:
“Dear Dancer, do you like me? Circle Yes or No”
And then you had your best friend pass the note to her best friend, and so on and so on.

In closing, Dancer if I did read things right then let me say how utterly and completely flattered I am. Wow, thank you. And if I misread the clues? I still think you and Sir are both way damn cool and look forward to be counted among the ones you call “dear friend” someday.