Thursday, May 18, 2006

1 Picture = 1000 Words

I know, I know I have not updated in days. No we have not all fallen down a well or been eaten by giant mutant voles from the center of the earth. Nope, just ass deep in that last push to get it all done. UPS comes today to pick up all we have finished and ship it ahead for us. There is no way we would be able to pack this much rope and gear along with our luggage on an airplane. As for driving it all out again? While I do not regret doing that last year, damn am I glad we are flying out next week.

However, lets not talk just about work today.

For whatever odd reason, I seem to be collecting a number of hats in my office. What started with the now infamous novelty Viking hat has grown into a number of unique hats. I am beginning to suspect that my friends think that I have some kind of hat fetish. Great, what is with fetishes? I swear, they are worse than Pokemon, no sooner do you think that you have your collection in order they release booster packs!

Now each hat has certain rules or powers attached to them. For example there is my “+1 Fez of World Domination”. Then there is the matter of my Officer’s cap. A stern cap, once worn by members of the East German Secret Police, it has one simple rule. You are welcome to wear this cap, but only if you are naked.

As you can see from the photo, little Alex didn’t seem to mind the rule one bit.

*sigh* I suppose I should get back to work now. We have just 2 dye baths left for this show and then there is the matter of finding just the right shoes for the event. I'm thinking 6 inch platform heels myself. Not sure if I can rig in them, best test that out.