Saturday, May 06, 2006

Behold, I can now officially call myself a “Rock and Roll Rope Top”

This is a teaser shot from a series I recently rigged with the amazing Delano and photographed by his partner Michele Serchuck. Up till now I have never done any professional rigging for bondage sites, I like to think of myself as a better rope maker than rope rigger. However I am a huge fan of both Delano and Michele’s work so I was very honored when they asked me to work with them. I have only seen a handful of the resulting images, but they all look very cool. Delano is an amazing rope model and has this wonderful grace that Michele is really tuned into when she shoots him. Me, I just tie the ropes and they make it look hot. The rest of the set will be featured on his site, Delanobound.Com soon. When it does I’ll see if they will let me share some of the images with all of you.

Of course as I type this, know that I look nothing like this shot right now. I’m COVERED in crimson dye stains. My jeans are so worn out that they look as if they might fall apart at the slightest provocation. I have been wearing the same work t-shirt for 4 days straight. I need to shave and my face has a semi permanent ring shaped bruise from the respirator I use when handling dyes. Yeah, it makes me look like a Jr. member of the Darth Vader fan club. Nice to know that when needed, I clean up well.