Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Booking a year in advance
My schedule is a crazy one. It is pretty common for my friends to book time with me weeks in advance. As for play dates, the wait there is even worse, but a year? That seems extreme even for me. However that is how long the lovely Red from The Red Sneaker Diaries and I have been discussing a possible play date. Granted, we have tried to get together a couple of times already. Things like schedules, funds and the constant push of everyday life have thwarted all our previous efforts. So you can imagine my delight when I received a note from her recently that read “3rd time’s a charm”. Not only was she to be in town during one of the monthly “Bondage is the Point” parties, but also she was bringing her girlfriend along and they were both looking to experience the joys of rope.

And experience it they shall.

Out of respect for Red and her girlfriend’s privacy, I’ll keep my descriptions of them to a minimum. However know this, Red… well Red is a lovely creature. Pale skin, supple curves and an ass that just begs to be beaten. As if this was not awesome enough, her girlfriend is a yummy young thing, toned and tight. Dark eyes hide a wicked side that starts to peek out when she smiles at Red.

Yeah, this is going to be all sorts of fun.

Of course there is a worry here. Delivering a good scene to one person can be difficult; one must tune into the person and tailor the experience to them. Read their responses and ratchet the sensations up or down based on their feedback. But two different bottoms that you have never played with, let alone met in person, at the same time? Good thing I enjoy a challenge. I’d be working alone so suspension was right out. My skills are not up to attempting a two person simultaneous suspension unassisted. Simply too dangerous in my opinion. Save that for another day.

After picking out an open spot at the back of the play space, I set about to tie them together. It is an amazing thing to see sexual chemistry in action. These two girls really wanted to get as close as possible to each other. I would be my job to bind them in such a way that they would be close, yet unable to touch the other’s eager flesh.

Picture if you will, two girls sitting naked save their panties. Legs open, facing each other and bound together, legs to feet. Just close enough to smell the other’s arousal yet too far to kiss and caress the other, that is unless they pulled hard against each other’s crotch ropes. I just love a good predicament bondage scene. If they stay still then the ropes running between their labia won’t press into their damp pink flesh or they can succumb to their desire and face the pressure in order to get their mouths and hands on each other. It did not help much that I kept rolling them about, changing the pressure on their bodies and eventually tying a small but powerful vibrator into their shared crotch rope. Did you know that hemp, when tied tight against the body, transmits vibrational energy? Try it sometime.

This, this is what I would call an Exothermic Bondage Scene. Both parties were more than ready to tear into each other with wild abandon. It was my job to keep them just far enough apart to keep their desire at a maximum temperature. Ok, so some will say I was cheating, you know, all I had to do was tie up two hot girls and stand back and watch them fuck. Oh dear readers don’t buy that for a second. No, this took all of my skill and cunning to execute. Each rope had to be placed just so, with exacting precision. Every roll and push upon their sweating, heaving bodies with my Converse clad foot was planned weeks in advance by a team of unemployed NASA scientists.

OK, I lied. I did just tie them up and stand back. At one point I recall looking over my shoulder and making eye contact with Dancer and giving her a smile and a “gee, I think my work here is done” shrug. It did however take a great deal of focus to not want to cover myself in maple syrup and dive into the middle of what we are now calling “the sweaty lesbian fuck ball” TM

Eventually I had to untie them. I know, I know it did seem like a terrible thing to do at time as well, but things has gotten to such a fevered pitch that I feared that my rope might combust from the friction between their two grinding bodies.

Red would eventually get to experience the joy of suspension bondage the next day in my office loft and I would add not one but two pairs of her shredded panties to my collection. How exactly did I get two pairs of panties from the same girl in one day? That dear reader is a tale for another day.