Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Frustrations of the job

There are a number of fantastic new bondage books coming to press soon. We of course are eager to get our hands on them and if they are up to snuff, offer them to our customers. On such book is Chanta’s “Bondage for Sex”. Now due to our longstanding relationship with Ms. Chanta, we were going to be the first in the country to offer the book for sale. However that looks to not be the case, thanks to the paranoia of a few. You can read it here on her blog.

Talk about frustrating. So why am I telling you all this? Because this sort of thing is an all too frequent occurrence for those of us who operate adult businesses.

While we do not offer anything directly “sexual” for sale on our site, we are considered by most as a “porn” site. That distinction often puts us into a “high risk” or “do not offer services” category with most financial institutions. Now I suppose one could lie, set up a cover company and try to stay under their radar. Sure, that works until you are found out and sent packing. (Word to the wise for those of you thinking about setting up a fetish business and using a certain well known payment system used on the big online auction sites. If they catch you using their service as part of an adult business, the will freeze your funds and prosecute for you violation of the TOS)

Rather, I have taken a different stance. I am unapologetically proud of what I make and if the bank/insurance company/printer/whatever is uncomfortable with it. Great, best they tell me now before we waste each other’s time and money. Sure this has put me at odds with more than a few bankers. I still remember sitting across from a banker in his downtown office and putting a bundle of rope on his desk and saying, “This is what I sell on my site. Convince me that I’m a porn site”.

The good news is that there are lots of companies out there who welcome our hard-earned kink dollars. Banks that see this for what it is, a business that is run with integrity and fueled by hard work and loyal customers. It has taken us a while to develop these relationships, but the honesty up front made the difference and as we continue to grow they are the first folks we call.

OK, I’ll get off my soapbox and get back to making rope. The new Color of the Month is almost dry!