Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I hate saying goodbye to Dancer. Most days when we get the opportunity to be together we linger in our goodbyes. Kissing and touching till the last possible minute before peeling away from each other and going out separate ways. This morning, when I knelt over our bed and kissed her goodbye sucked. Running a hand along her naked thigh and knowing that I wont be seeing her for a week, yeah that really sucks.

Alas, but it is time to go and I can’t linger here any longer. Time to take my bags and head east, east to Chicago and the Shibaricon show. Time for 4 days of rope, kink and lots and lots of work.

I’m certain that there will be more stories to tell, but for now I must depart. Collect up Tambo and Nerdy, catch a plane, and avoid getting a full body cavity search by TSA.

Next stop, Chicago.