Thursday, May 25, 2006

Safe in Chicago

We finally made it to our destination. Due to thunderstorms over the city, our 3.5-hour flight turned into a 5 hour-long airborne test of ass endurance. If the delays were not bad enough, all we had to watch on the in-flight movie thing was “Big Mamma’s House 2” and “The Last Holiday”. Oh Queen Latifah, what happened to you? All Hail the Queen was one of the best hip-hop albums ever made… sigh.

Of course when we did finally land, it was our plane and like every other plane that had been circling the city for the last 4 hours. Dragging 200 extra pounds of carry on luggage through an airport bursting at the seams with frustrated, late and cranky travelers is not fun, dear readers. I would recommend avoiding it at all costs.

The host hotel is… well it is a dive, but a charming dive. So far we have been warned to not use the pool, don’t drink the water, avoid the sauna and don’t eat at the restaurant. Oh and whatever you do, don’t go barefoot. (That one I am taking to heart, I’ve seen less sticky floors at the Lusty Lady)

Today we hang out, track down the pre-shipped stock and start setting things up for the opening tomorrow.