Wednesday, June 21, 2006

About that Boy Scout Uniform...

Half the fun of being a pervert is that you don’t have to reserve just one day of the year for dressing up in outrageous costumes. Why wait for Halloween when at most kink events you are encouraged to explore your creative side and dress as whatever makes your bits tingle.

Want to be the dirty vicar of St. Bernadette? Knock yourself out.

So when the time came to come up with an outfit for the Bondage Rodeo at Shibaricon I pondered many possible costumes. Circus master, complete with top hat, was one of the contenders. Then there was the idea of wearing a white t-shirt that read “KIMONO” across the front in huge letters, but I thought that maybe folks might not like that joke.

The obvious answer was, of course, a Boy Scout uniform.

As luck would have it, I was soon to have the pleasure of doing a hair cutting scene (something I have wanted to do for a long, long time) with my new boot polishing, gender-bending boy, Alex. Why not kill two birds with one stone and go for a new scout uniform? I thought to myself. I figured that I could also dress up little Alex in a scout uniform and do a “Disapproving scout master disciplining wayward tenderfoot” styled scene. (I'm sure a military uniform might be better suited for said scene, but my emerging uniform fetish is a post for another day)

Next stop the extra hip, funky vintage clothing store. My uniform was pretty easy to obtain. Heck the hardest part was picking one that had the best badges still attached; hey I’m not about to start removing the badges from my original scout uniform! I opted for an Assistant Scout Master uniform (complete with first aid certifications). Alex on the other hand was to prove a bit more of a challenge. See my “boy”, Alex, is actually a very small-framed girl and none of the Boy Scout uniforms would fit her small form. The only uniforms that would fit were the Cub Scout uniforms, not just any Cub Scout uniforms either. No, only the TINYEST, lowest ranking uniform fit.

So there I am standing in the Red Light vintage clothing store dressed in a Boy Scout troop leader uniform as my boy bounces about the shop in a cub scout uniform intended for a third grader, short pants and scarf going, “What do you think Daddy?”

“I think I'm definitely earning ringside seats in hell for this one, Alex.”

And how did said hair cutting go you ask? Well my dear boy Alex is now sporting a freshly shorn head (save the “emo swatch” that I was sworn to spare) that I like to stroke when he sits at my feet and I can add, “getting my boots licked clean” to the list of things that make my naughty bits tingle with glee.