Tuesday, June 27, 2006

As if I needed another reason to be cranky about not going to TES-Fest

The amazing Michele Serchuck just sent me a couple shots of me that she and her partner Delano are going to be using as part of their presentation at this year’s TES fest. Now if you are going to the event, here is a description of the class.

Behind the Tie: Capturing Rope Imagery

Michele Serchuk’s rope bondage imagery, like all her erotic work, is shot with a portraitist’s eye. She delves beyond the surface beauty of the model and the tie, documenting their exploration in rope and the experiences of her subjects:
“I work collaboratively with my subjects to create art from our rope lives. My models’ desire and experience is as critical to the evolution of my work as is my own creative vision and craftsmanship. These people are not hired hands. They shoot with me out of a passion for rope and an eagerness to share the experience with each other and ultimately, with the viewer.”

Now if you are going to be attending TES and want to see more of their work, the class is on Saturday in the main event hall at 10:15am.

Me? Oh I’m probably going to be in the Abbey working to get caught back up and trying not to sweat into a puddle of goo in this heat. Yep. Time to start working (near) naked in the Abbey again.