Monday, June 05, 2006

Good times, bad times you know I’ve had my share…

The last 48 hours for me have been an interesting roller coaster ride, some very cool and amazing moments as well as some frustrating, saddening moments as well. While these will one day make great blog entries; sadly today I’m too wrapped up in the un-yielding pressure of the death march to sufficiently put any of them to paper with any skill or coherence. That, that dear reader will have to wait for another day when I am not feeling the thumb of god pressing down between my shoulder blades.

Of course it is not all that dire, Nerdy and Griffin return to the Abbey this week. With my full crew here and rested I can ease up a bit, who knows maybe even devote some creative energy to finishing another column for Jane (gee maybe I should just change that to a “Monthly Feature” and be done with it.). The response to our call for helpers at TES was astounding. Thank you. Nerdy and I are discussing our options and formulating a plan there.

And then there is the matter of me getting random photos of half naked girls. Nothing makes my day like getting an e-mail like this. Of course this is not just any “random girl”, rather a charming woman whom I did not get nearly enough time to talk to at Shibaricon.

So I guess it can’t be all that bad after all, best get back to it while the wind is at my back.