Friday, June 30, 2006

Right now I should be in New Jersey

Yeah I’m still bummed out that we had to pull out of TES-Fest. Funny, the entire event has been filled with strangeness. Originally we were too late to apply for as vendors and put on the wait list only to be contacted like the week before we left for Shibaricon that there was an immediate opening to be had. The mad dash to prepare was disrupted by the fire at the Abbey, which resulted in our having to pull out at the last minute. In the long run it is probably for the best, still my ambition just hates having to say, “I can’t” to opportunities such as this.

In the words of the great philosopher Homer (Simpson), “Stupid brain, be quiet before I kill you with more beer!”

Oh well, in some ways it is for the best. I remember having to pull out of the very first Shibaricon due to a bad rope harvest that year. We came back the next year and made a killing and eventually became one of the event’s sponsors. I am disappointed that I will be missing seeing many of my new east coast friends and customers. That and there was the small matter of a pretty girl who wanted to get tied up, rain check perhaps?

In other news, we are busier than ever. Our amazing customers just keep coming back and they keep telling all their friends as well. So thanks, on top of a full work queue we have preparations for Dore Alley to consider. Dore is the smaller partner event to SF’s mammoth Folsom Street Fair. This should be a really fun event as I’m planning on just bringing down a crew of boys, donning the leathers and seeing what kinds of trouble we can get into.

Additionally, we just committed to vending at ARS2 in Austin come September. While this will be a pretty small, rope only event it promises to be an interesting one. We have some fantastic customers and friends in Austin that I am looking forward to seeing again. Also I will be bringing along a very special traveling companion and booth babe for this trip, Dancer. Yeah, this will be all sorts of interesting.