Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Taking a break from the reconstruction to enjoy a good laugh.
Bondage.Com recently posted “candid” photos from Shibaricon 2006. This is a shot of me from the “Twisted Monk’s Bondage Rodeo” that we hosted at the event.

Yes, that is a boy scout uniform I am wearing.

Now the really fucked up part about this image is that this is not my original scout uniform, no it is my backup uniform. Yes I still have my original uniform, complete with 10 years of awards and merits (including Eagle Scout, thank you) and it still fits. By “still fits” I mean that I can button it all the way up if I bend my shoulders forward like a human taco and never raise my arms.

There is a story behind how I came into possession of this uniform. It involves head shaving, gender bending and a pair of freshly polished boots, but I’m going to save that for tomorrow or the next day. Right now I need to check on how the “Phoenix” dye bath is coming. This is color is shaping up to be our most ambitious color yet; I should have samples up by the weekend.

In other news, the shop reconstruction is coming along nicely. Nerdy started shipping out orders yesterday so if you are waiting on an order, look for it soon. On a personal note, I must again publicly thank and fall down with pride in my adoring and amazing partners. Through all of this, Tambo and Dancer have, in each of their own unique ways, held me up when I thought I could no longer stand and have refilled me with their energy and love when mine had run dry.