Thursday, July 13, 2006


The following are bits of conversations that I have had this week. Strange, but fun

At a house party on Saturday night, sitting amongst friends watching J one of his lovely suspension scenes and chatting with some new friends.
New Girl: “He is going to hang her up from that ring with rope, isn’t he?
Me: “Yeah, it is called suspension bondage. Its really fun, ever see it done before?”
NG: “Um…Once, at the wetspot a few weeks back. This guy in a boy scout uniform hung a girl up and then shaved her head. When he brought her down, she licked his boots!”
Me: “Um… that was me… in the uniform”

At the same party, just after Dancer finished teaching a friend how to do urethral sounds on her boy.
Dancer: “Ok, who is next? "
Nervous boys shaking thier heads no
Dancer: "You know whoever is sitting closest wants to try it the most”, flashing her trademark mischievous smile at the line of horrified yet transfixed men who were watching.
Nearest Boy: “Oh no, I don’t measure my manhood by what I can cram INTO my cock!”

Discussing with Nerdy about a mutual acquaintance whom would like to do a bit more with me than just getting tied up.
Nerdy: “She totally wants you to tie her up.”
Me: “Yeah, but she wants more than just rope. I mean she is nice and all, but I really am not down with the idea of sport fucking her.”
Nerdy: “I could be your stand in fuck.”
Me: “Excuse me?”
Nerdy: “You have that custom dildo made from when you got your cock cast, right?”
Me: “Um, yeah.”
Nerdy: “You tie her up, roll her around and when she is ready, I’ll strap it on and do the deed.”
Me: “In other words you want to be my stunt cock?”
Nerdy: “I don’t see a problem with, you?”
(You want to know the REALLY fucked up bit? I’ve had this exact same conversation with someone else!)