Monday, July 10, 2006

I just got this e-mail from a friend in Wisconsin that I just had to share.

Hey guys...

We had some bad flooding here in West Allis today... in less than 10 min the parking lot at the local grocery store was under a few feet of water in some areas. I was fortunate to move my car in enough time but and older lady wth her grandchild wasn't so lucky.

The rain was coming down in buckets, mixed with nickel sized hail. The water was well above my knees and rapidly raising. Stuck in the middle of this was an older lady with her young grandchild. After making sure my car was on high ground i waded out to the stranded van. The water was deep enough that the exsaust pipe was fully submerged. The poor kid was terrified, conviced that it was going to be "Noah's Ark". So I did what any good rope slut would do. I pushed the Van as far as i could towrds high ground.... then I backed my car as close to hers as i could with out risking getting stuck myself. I then tied my emergancy rope to her under carriage and then did the same on my end and truied pulling her out... the rope snapped instantly, The van hadn't budged. It was at that point that I made the fateful decision. I pulled out a 30ft piece of Monks 8mm hemp (sorry Monk) I tied that to my undercarriage using the nifty wrap around knot thingy that Max taught me and then did the same on her van. I was able to pull her out of the water but unfortunatly the rope was damaged on both parts where it strained against the rough metal of the undercarriage. Not to mention the rope is now soaked in dirty rain water and with the fraying i am not sure it is usable... but on the bright side Monk's rope and Max's knots saved the day. The lady's car was able to start after 5 or so minute of sitting on dry land and she and her granchild were home intime for dinner.

So thanks Monk for making such great rope.... and Sorry for ruining it, but i couldn't just leave the poor lady sitting there in the water. And Max, thanks for teaching me such awesome knots, who could have known they have such vanilla purposes too