Monday, July 24, 2006

My weekend can whip anyone of you bastards!

While I try to avoid writing a “and then I did… “ post, this weekend was just too full of events and I’m as of yet unable to distill any really good stories from the sheer mountain of fun experiences, yet. Till such a time as the muse does visit me, suffice to say that this weekend found me stag.

My darling wife, Tambo, was off to Vancouver to take Midori’s rope dojo with a friend. While this would be her second Midori Dojo, she was still quite exited about the whole endeavor, I’m also betting that the fact that most of the fun Seattle rope people were also to be in attendance might have also had something to do with it too. Anyho, after kissing her farewell on Friday it was…
Alex’s first boot black training with Henry, who by the way is a wonderful and generous teacher. Shinny, shiny boots make Monk all sorts of happy (and evil).
Saturday, well there was some work to be completed at the Abbey, thankfully there were also long stretches where I sat at my favorite café, sipping ice tea and reading some thought provoking stuff by Pat Califia (just sitting and reading a rare treat for me)
Scooping up Nerdy and taking her out on the motorcycle, we did our best to avoid cooking alive and sought out decadent treats to beat the sweltering heat. Dropping Nerdy off, I dashed out to a midnight rendezvous with Dancer. A trip to the local art house movie theater would mark a whole new chapter in our relationship. See, you can share many things with someone you love. However the sharing of a bad movie fetish will either be a bonding experience or end in tears. Fortunately for us it ended in uproarious laughter and extended conversations regarding the prevalence of transvestitism in early Hollywood and the joy of truly terrible dialogue.
Sunday, a long and glorious day with nothing to do but adore the wondrous shape and delightful company that is Dancer. Day spans to night and night spans to a late morning with a woman who, in all honesty, should come with a warning label due to her addictive charm.
And I am covered in bruises from it too.

Monday? Lingering as long as we dare, I leave her so she can set about to meet the challenges of her day while I mine. Thankfully Nerdy and Sprite are on the job today and the Abbey is running like a well-oiled machine.

Eventually Tambo will return home from her adventure north of the border and we swap stories and kisses. She even brings me back a present. Two actual, one a gift from our dear Midori herself and the other? An original, vintage leather Muir motorcycle cap to match my new boots.

Tomorrow we will take the morning off do a bit of lingering ourselves.

My life, it does not suck.